Creating a concordance using tags

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WordSmith's Handling > Concordancing > Creating a concordance using tags

Step by step:


1.Start Concord.
2.Choose Settings | Tags. Press the Load button to load up the BNC World.tag file included with your installation.


Loading BNC World tagfile

The button says "(17) Clear" if you have loaded it, and you should also see this view of the details:


loaded tag file


3.Close the Settings (pressing OK).
4.Back in Concord, choose File | New, and at the leftmost tab, make sure you choose some BNC text. I've chosen a whole folderful with 87 files in it.


choosing BNC text in Concord

5.Choose a search-word in the next tab (Search Word):


search word happy

6.Let the concordance run.


happy concordanced 1