Convert Data from Previous Versions

As WordSmith Tools develops, it has become necessary to store more data along with any given word-list, concordance etc. For example, data about which language(s) were selected for a concordance, notes now stored with every type of results file, etc. Therefore it has been necessary to supply a tool to convert data from the formats used in WS 1.0 to 3.0 (last millennium) to the new format for the current version.


ws-48-dataconvert This is the Data Converting tool.


If you try to open a file made with a previous version you should be offered a chance to convert it first.


Note: as WordSmith develops, its saved data may get more complex in format. A concordance saved by WordSmith 5.0 cannot be guaranteed to be readable by WordSmith 4.0 for that reason, and a 6.0 one may require version 6.0, etc.


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