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What you SEE settings

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Case Sensitivity

Normally, you'll make a case-insensitive word list. If you wish to make a word list which distinguishes between the, The and THE, activate case sensitivity.


Lemma Visibility

By default in a word-list you'll see the frequency of the headword plus the associated forms; if you check the show headword frequency only box, the frequency column will ignore the associated wordform frequencies. Similarly, if you check omit headword from lemma column you will see only the associated forms there.



By default you get "words only, no tags". If you want to include tags in a word list, you need to set up a Tag File first. Then choose one of the options here.

In the example here we see that BECAUSE is classified by the BNC either as a <w CJS> or a <w PRP>. (That's how the BNC classifies BECAUSE OF...)




For colours and tags see WordList and Tags.


The Columns to show/hide list offers all the standard columns: you may uncheck ones you normally do not wish to see. This will only affect newly computed data: earlier data uses the column visibility, size, colours etc. already saved. They can be altered using the Layout menu option at any time.