Body Tags

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Body tags look like this example:


<s n="130"><w DT0>Most <w NN2>Churches <w AJ0>Unprepared <w PRP>for <w NN2>Aids



<s n="131"><c PUQ>&bquo;<w DT0>Most <w NN2>churches <w VBB>are <w AV0>completely <w AJ0>unprepared

<w PRP>for <w AT0>the <w NN1>shock <w PRF>of <w VVG>finding <w AT0>an <w AJ0>established <w NN1>member

<w PRF>of <w AT0>the <w NN1>congregation <w VBZ>is <w VVN>infected <w PRP>with <w NP0>HIV <w CJC>or

<w VVG-AJ0>dying <w PRP>with <w NN1>AIDS<c PUN>, <w CJS>even though <w DT0>this <w VBZ>is

<w AV0>increasingly <w AJ0>common<c PUN>.<c PUQ>&equo;

<s n="132"><w NP0>ACET <w NN1>Director<c PUN>, <w NP0>Dr <w NP0>Patrick <w NP0>Dixon<c PUN>,

<w AV0>recently <w VVD-VVN>told <w AT0>the <w AJ0>National <w NN1>Symposium <w PRP>on <w AJ0>Teenage

<w NN1>Sexuality <w PRP>at <w NP0>Swanwick<c PUN>.



<s n="133"><w AT0>The <w NN1>conference <w VBD>was <w VVN>attended <w PRP>by <w CRD>300 <w NN1>church <w NN1>youth <w NN2>leaders <w CJC>and <w NN1>school <w NN2>workers <w PRP>from <w PRP>across <w AT0>the <w NP0>UK<c PUN>.

<s n="134"><w NP0>Dr <w NP0>Dixon <w VVD>said<c PUN>, <c PUQ>&bquo;<w PRP>With <w AV0>up to <w CRD>20 <w NN2>years <w PRP>from <w NN1>infection <w PRP>to <w NN1>illness<c PUN>, <w PNP>we <w AV0>just

<w VHB>have <w TO0>to <w VVI>ask <w AVQ>how <w DT0>many <w PRF>of <w DPS>our <w NN1>congregation

<w VHB>have <w VBN>been <w VVN>added <w PRP>during <w DT0>that <w NN1>time<c PUN>?

<s n="135"><w CRD>Three-quarters <w PRF>of <w AT0>the <w NN1>AIDS <w NN1>problem <w VBZ>is <w PRP>in

<w NP0>London <w CJC>and <w DT0>much <w PRF>of <w AT0>the <w NN1>rest <w PRP>in <w AJ0>Scottish

<w NN2>cities<c PUN>.


Everything here within <> brackets is a body tag.


In the XML edition you get more markup:

<w c5="NP0" hw="tony" pos="SUBST">Tony</w><c c5="PUN">, </c><w c5="CJC" hw="and" pos="CONJ">and </w><w c5="DPS" hw="he" pos="PRON">his </w><w c5="NN1" hw="mum" pos="SUBST">Mum</w><c c5="PUN">,


hw= head word -- lemmatisation; pos=part of speech.



In Internet Explorer it should look something like this:



... you can see the sentence structure and each word occupies a different line in XML.

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