KeyWords Associates
These are the key words found in the same text files as a given "key key word". They show words which are associated with a key key word not because they are found in the same narrow context of a few words on either side of the word in question, but because they are found in the same textual context.
In this case the associates are of the word greve (strike) and show workers (trabalhadores) categories of worker (oil-workers, metal-workers, bank employees), where they work (refinery), for whom (Petrobras, the car assemblers or montadoras), their organisations (trade union, CUT the Trade Union Congress), where they live (ABCD, four cities in Greater São Paulo) etc. Data from 9,912 texts from the Brasil section of the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.
Further below you'll find a list of English associates of police, based on 4,645 Home news stories from the Guardian.

Associates of the Portuguese word GREVE

The police associates:
 Associates of POLICE

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