Selecting files on the fly

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WordSmith's Handling > Processing Dave Lee's Class Codes > Selecting files

The other way of using Dave Lee's class codes (less efficient than by filtering) is


1. In the main WordSmith Controller, choose | Settings | Adjust Settings | Tags.

2. Press Only if Containing.




3. In the window that opens up, type in the code corresponding to your category.



In this case, the code entered is >W fict prose<. The > and < are used to ensure that the search finds that code, since the context contains exactly that:

... <classCode scheme="DLee">W fict prose</classCode>

  <keywords><term> (none) </term></keywords>...


4. Press OK.

5. Now do your concordancing or word-listing.


What happens if the code you typed isn't in any of the texts?


Why then you get no words in your wordlist!