Installation of WordSmith Tools


1.You have run or downloaded and then run one or more .exe files.

2.This will expand all the files needed for  WordSmith Tools into the folder of your choice (\wsmith6 by default). You can install to a removable drive if you wish (explained below).

3.Now run \wsmith6\wordsmith6.exe to get started. You will be asked to register.   Otherwise WordSmith will go through its paces as a Demonstration Version.


Upon receipt of the registration code, run WordSmith Tools. If you have only just installed the registration program will start up automatically. If not you can run \wsmith6\WSRegister6.exe.


tog_minus        Single User Licence


tog_minus        Site Licence


tog_minus        Updating your version



If you make a mistake and your registration fails, you can try again. You can get a more recent version at the WordSmith home page.


To un-install, just delete all the files in your \wsmith6 folder. Your data may be in sub-folders of \wsmith6 or in sub-folders of your Documents\wsmith6.





See also: Setting default options, Contact Addresses, File types.

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